Our history

On December 15 and 16, 1946 UEF was officially brought into life with its function being to co-ordinate and intensify the activities of the different movements and to organize them into a federal structure. Since then UEF has been active at the European, national and local levels for the past 70 years. It was founded shortly after World War II with the belief that only a European Federation, based on the idea of unity in diversity, could overcome the division of the European continent that had caused the suffering and destruction of the two World Wars. Federalists believed that only a common effort of European citizens working towards this goal could create a peaceful and democratic Europe guaranteeing freedom and the protection of human rights.

Historical timeline

The European Federalists’ timeline traces our achievements, campaigns, biggest demonstrations and meetings! It is a great way for you to travel through the time and learn federalists’ history with the help of stories, pictures and videos. You can view the timeline on Tiki-Toki.com here.