Posted on November 23, 2019 in News

Macedonia part of UEF

November 23, Rome, Italy

At this point, UEFM was elected as a UEF member.

For the first time since the existence of the Union of European Federalists (UEF), an extremely influential political organization in the EU, which has been in operation since 1946, Republic of North Macedonia become a member through the UEFМ organization.

“Today and tomorrow, together with Vice President Apostoloski, we are participating in the work of the UEF Federal Committee, here in Rome, Italy,” said UEFМ President Petar Bogojeski.

We have a great opportunity to meet the “internal” dilemmas of the EU from close, direct communication! Let us see and hear with our own eyes and ears what the EU is preoccupied with!

From conversations with many representatives from all EU member states, especially with European MPs such as Mr. Guy Verhofstadt, then Mr. Sandro Gozi, the President of UEF and others. coming from President Macron’s political group “For the European Renaissance”, there can be an open debate about the priority of EU enlargement or expansion!
Our job is to convince them that the former does not exclude the latter and vice versa.
We are not afraid of Macron’s realism, which prefers the former, but we do not give up on Merkel’s optimism, which prefers the latter.

Yet this is a time when the EU is fighting for its place globally. In the world of the great nations like USA or China, that is, separate civilizations, as some of the speakers called them.

We share the great pleasure of representing Republic of North Macedonia with dignity, and for the first time we become part of this large family of political organizations. I hope in the future, Macedonia will host such an event.